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References for images on Display

All documents displayed belong to the Prize Papers, housed in The National Archives of the UK (TNA) as part of the High Court of Admiralty collection (HCA)

Mat HCA32 140 B1 0019 5
Court records with coloured ribbons, TNA, HCA 32/140
Mat HCA32 140 Bundles Group 0003 a
Original court bundles, kept together with strings, TNA, HCA 32/140
Playing cards a
Set of playing cards, TNA, HCA 32/139/27
Extra HCA30 652 2 Maria Cardamone
Bundled records with a book and pencil, TNA, HCA 30/652
111 B 19 Folder L 0001 a
Journals and papers found on board of the ship Franciscus, TNA, HCA 32/111
Mat HCA30 660 0014
A bound volume kept and illustrated by Rieweert Frerecks, master of the Ship Die Hoffnung, TNA, HCA 30/660
Sample sheet of floral wallpaper, TNA, HCA 65/48
Erhaltung Materialitaet2
Bundled court documents with pieces of evidence, TNA, HCA 30/642
Materiality 1a
A small sailcloth pouch with a round wood box and a wooden pin, TNA, HCA 30/641
Extra HCA42 Maria Cardamone Kopie
Court papers in the case of the ship Santa Catherina, a French merchant ship leased to Armenian merchants from New Julfa, bound into a book, TNA, HCA 42/25
IMG 1399 a
Wallet and notebooks, personal belongings of the crew of the Bremen ship Concordia, TNA, HCA 32/176
IMG 0220 1
Rings a French ship's master sent to his wife on the slave ship Le Benjamin, 1744, TNA, HCA 32/98/11
Lion drawn in a French Cahier likely en route to New York, 1792, TNA, HCA 30/385
Mat HCA32 140 B3 0011 14
Details of Court Bundle of letters used as pieces of evidence, kept together with strings, TNA, HCA 32/140
Le King Fish
Journal of a voyage from New York to Louisiana in French with illustrations of animals and places, 1809, TNA, HCA 30/408
97 1 0158 Captives Figure 1
Document detailing the purchases and sales of enslaved men, women and children along the West-African coast, 1743/44. Ship L'Abraham de Nantes, TNA, HCA 32/97/1
HCA 30 755 773 0003 crop
Miniature drawing of a ship, TNA, HCA 30/755